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What to Know About Skin Cancer in Pets


As devastating as it sounds, skin cancer can impact our pets, just as it impacts humans. Having a good understanding of what skin cancer is, the signs and symptoms, and potential treatments are important to know for responsible pet owners. 

There are a variety of skin cancers that can impact our dogs, but the three most common are: 

  • Malignant melanoma: Dogs that are impacted by malignant melanoma experience tumors on various areas of the dog’s body. Then can grow fairly quickly and even spread to other organs within the body. Malignant melanoma is typically caused by genetic factors. These melanomas can be black, brown, gray, or red in color and tend to develop around the mouth, toenails, and pads of the feed. 


  • Squamous cell carcinoma: Too much sun exposure can cause this type of skin cancer. Cancer can spread to surrounding lymph nodes and can even lead to the destruction of the tissue around the tumor. These tumors look like warts, and often develop around the abdomen and genital area. They can also develop on the feet which can make it very painful for your pup to walk on. 


  • Mast cell tumors: This skin cancer is typically the most common type of skin cancer in dogs. Although the primary cause is unknown, many vets believe that genetic factors play a big part in why these tumors develop. These tumors can lead to sore and inflamed areas on various parts of the dog’s body. 

Treatment Options

If your pup is impacted by skin cancer, the most common treatment option is surgery. If surgery cannot remove the tumors completely, then your vet may have to use radiation. Although effective, cancer cells still have a chance of reappearing. 

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