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Loving Dog Boarding in Santa Fe


Going on vacation and feeling anxious about leaving your furry companion behind? You are not alone. Before your departure, if you can’t find a trusted friend or family member - consider finding a trustworthy and safe pet boarding facility to tend to your pet’s every want and need.


About Our Boarding Service

When you leave your pet with us, we pledge to invite them into a loving and caring family. At Eldorado Animal Clinic, we provide comfortable all-inclusive suites for dogs. Our skilled and loving staff are committed to being your pup’s caretaker -- no issue -- no matter how small, will go unnoticed. Additionally, we provide an on-site veterinarian to examine and care for our beloved guests during their stay. 


At Eldorado Animal Clinic, we strive to offer our beloved clients a place to leave their pets in loving hands while away from the home. If you need pet boarding service in Santa Fe then look no further than our pristine boarding facility.


We’ll Look After Pet at Eldorado Animal Clinic

If you require a safe and comfortable environment for your pet while you are away then look no further than Eldorado Animal Clinic. Our boarding facility maintains impeccable hygiene standards and aims to give your furry companion a classy and comfortable place to call home while they await your return. For more information on pet boarding services, please call or visit us today.


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