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Holiday Safety Tips: Can Dogs Eat Turkey Bones?


Have you finished your holiday feast and ended up with an abundance of turkey bones? You’re probably wondering if you can give these bones to your dog as a special holiday treat. In truth, cooked turkey bones are one of the worst things you could feed your precious pooch. You’ll learn why it’s such a bad idea to let your dog eat turkey bones. This information has saved many dog owners from rushing their canine companions to the vet for an emergency visit.


What Happens When You Cook Turkey Bones

You may be thinking that cooking turkey bones make it a delicious treat for your dog. While that may be true, it also makes these bones into severe safety hazards. Cooking bones removes the moisture inside of them, and they become incredibly brittle. 

The brittleness of cooked turkey bones isn't a threat in itself; rather, it becomes dangerous when your dog eats it. Your dog has more than enough power in its jaws to crush these cooked bones into sharp shards. Therefore, even giving your canine companion these bones to gnaw on can be a terrible idea.

Effects of Eating Turkey Bones

Eating both cooked and raw turkey bones can lead to a host of severe problems for your dog. Your dog's stomach was not meant to be digesting turkey bones. If they ingest some, you can almost be sure they will experience some constipation.

However, if you feed your dog turkey bones, constipation can be the least of your problems. For starters, your dog could choke on the bone as it is hard and doesn't pass through the throat nicely. If they crush the bone before swallowing, the sharp shards can even cause internal bleeding. 


What to Do if Your Pet Eats Turkey Bones

If you're lucky, your pet will digest and pass the bones through its body without any complications. However, you need to be prepared to bring your dog to the vet if you notice any signs that they are not feeling well. If they are choking, you must perform emergency procedures to dislodge the turkey bone from their airways.



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