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Common Dog Allergies and How to Manage Them


Your dog may be allergic to something; you just may not know it yet! Dogs suffer from allergies as common as any other animal, but it's sometimes harder to detect them. Regardless, when your dog has an allergic reaction to something, it can be an uncomfortable and troubling time for them. Managing your dog’s allergies should be a top priority and shouldn't be ignored!


Skin Allergy

Like humans, your dog can be allergic to pollen, plants, and other external objects. If you notice your dog getting significantly itchier during certain seasons, they most likely have atopic dermatitis, a genetic disease. It presents itself through itchy and bumpy skin and common ear infections. If you suspect your dog has this allergy, your vet will conduct a blood test to determine the cause of their problems. Afterward, they can prescribe them medicine or administer allergy shots to help them manage their discomfort!


Food Allergy

Food allergies in dogs are more complicated to figure out because there is no way of knowing what they are allergic to without having them eat it first. Commonly, dogs are allergic to commercial dog food ingredients like chicken and beef. To pinpoint your dog's food allergy, your vet will have you conduct an allergy elimination test over a few months. Every so often, you will be instructed to add a new food to your dog's diet to find what their body can not take. You will know they have an allergy when they begin to itch or have digestive issues as a result of consuming the food!


Flea Allergy

Flea allergies are the most common allergy in dogs. While every animal will get itchy and have small red bumps when bitten by fleas, dogs that are allergic to them will have a much more severe reaction. A dog with a flea allergy will be heavily affected by the insect's saliva resulting in a patch of red bumps, inflamed skin, and even harsh wounds. Your vet can prescribe antihistamines to provide them relief, as well as steroids to help their skin fight the inflammation. However, the only way to truly protect your canine companion is to eliminate the flea problem for good!



Treat Dog Allergies at Eldorado Animal Clinic

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