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3 Signs That Your Dog Has Tapeworms


It's always a rough time when your dog gets sick, especially when it's something to do with their digestive system. Stomach illnesses in dogs can get messy (quite literally) and complicated, especially if left untreated. Tapeworms are a common problem for dogs worldwide that can cause your canine friend significant discomfort. As a responsible dog owner, it's imperative that you know what signs to look out for that suggest your pet has tapeworms!


  1. Worms in Your Dog’s Poop

It may be gross, but you should regularly inspect your dog's feces to make sure everything is all right with them. One of the tell-tale signs that your dog has tapeworms inside their intestines is worms in your dog's poop. The tapeworm will grow inside your dog and lay eggs that will be released when your pooch goes to the toilet. These will look like white or yellow spots in the poop that sometimes move and stick out. If you see these, take your dog to the vet immediately!


  1. Weight Loss

In severe cases, if your dog is losing weight despite eating the same amount, it may be because of parasites in its stomach. It is especially the case if your dog did not increase their activity level, which would cause them to burn more calories. The way the tapeworm lives inside your precious pooch is that it feeds off of the nutrients that it eats. With fewer nutrients going to your dog, it will result in a gradual weight loss that could prove dangerous in the long run. Weight loss should always be alarming to dog owners, especially if it happens unexpectedly!


  1. Dragging Their Butt

Tapeworms often cause infections and itchiness to the anus of your canine companion. They don't precisely have arms to scratch them, nor can their mouths reach them. Many dogs result in sitting down and dragging their butts across to provide relief in that area. If you find your dog doing this, it's always best to take them to the vet and see the problem. This behavior is typical in dogs, though the causes are often the result of health complications. It is best to have them checked in these scenarios!


Deworm Your Dog at Eldorado Animal Clinic

Don't let your poor dog stay in discomfort, and have their digestive health checked at Eldorado Animal Clinic! Parasites living in your pooch can be a severe issue, so it's best to have regular deworming sessions to keep their bodies as clean as possible. Our facility is capable of providing the gold standard of experience to both you and your canine companion. Give us a call and let us help keep your pooch worm-free!

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