Compassionate Veterinary Care in Pecos

Whether you just moved into the Pecos area, got a new pet, or are simply looking for high-quality ve...
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Why You Should Microchip Your Pet

Microchips are effective ways to recover a missing pet should your furry friend ever find themselves...
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What to Know About Skin Cancer in Pets

As devastating as it sounds, skin cancer can impact our pets, just as it impacts humans. Having a go...
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Finding Pet Emergency Care in Sante Fe

When you’re facing a pet emergency, you want to know exactly where to turn to for reliable and compa...
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What Causes My Dog’s Bad Breath?

It’s cute when your dog licks your face, but when your little pup is suffering from bad breath, that...
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Welcome to Eldorado Animal Clinic

While our hospital doesn’t boast a building made of gold like the fabled city of El Dorado, we are w...
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